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Our lives are the stories we tell ourselves. I interview artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone with a passion and try to extract their personal myth.
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Aug 31, 2017

Laura London comes on the podcast to tell me about her myth, Jung, and what it's like hosting a podcast focused on Jung. 

Check out her podcast, Speaking of Jung. 

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Aug 17, 2017

Cory Allen is the podcasting Ontological Trickster. He is the host of The Astral Hustle, and he shared his myth with me on the podcast. 

We get into his Cory-ness, why it's important to keep the oil warm, and I laugh more than I have on any other podcast. 

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Aug 13, 2017

I met Devin at Christinana's birthday party and he immediately seemed interesting. I asked him what he did and he told me he was a creative director who helped entrepreneurs. I was intrigued but proceeded to get drunk and give unsolicited psychological advice to strangers. At some point in the night, I remember asking him to come on the podcast. He did, and here it is.

We get into his early life, his heroes, goals, and why he was attracted to the creative side of entrepreneurship.

Devin, thank you for humoring my sometimes overly psychologically inquicnentess, for candidly taking maybe the picture I have that most makes me look more attractive then I actually am, and for bring your candid honest to the podcast. I love your work and look forward to seeing you climb and grow.

Aug 8, 2017

Rob has the heart of a puppy and the body of a wolf. Since the day he decided to take himself off the adderall he was prescribed as a kid, he left his hometown to travel the country. He has been through every state, living everywhere from bridges to mansions to Indian reservations. He lives his philosophy, and I’m glad he stopped his travels to come do this podcast in person.

We talked about his early life, his call to the nomadic life, how the road was his college, and how he discovered his calling to be a bee farmer.

Rob, thank you for coming on, sharing your stories, your ganja, and your laugh. Your first impression on me is still one of the most significant first impressions anyone has had on me (we touch on it in the story.) I admire your goals and fucking love the honey you shared. I’m converted to the hippie crack. Namasteezy brother.