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Our lives are the stories we tell ourselves. I interview artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone with a passion and try to extract their personal myth.
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May 29, 2017

Metaprogramming Technique: Why I Track My Behavior 

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I asked Mike to come back because he was one of the most popular guests I’ve had on so far. I asked him to lend his expertise on diet and stress management. (I apologize for the audio, I’ve figured out why it’s sounded poor lately. Hint: I’m an idiot.)

In this episode, I focus on extracting Zwack’s knowledge on diet and stress management. We get into his fundamental dietary advice, his ideal breakfast, a novel perspective on water,

Zwack, thank you for your time and genuinely offering your expertise. I appreciate you so gracefully letting me cut in. I get excited talking with you. I wish you the best and look forward to you slaying dragons. Namasteezy.

Show Notes 

Find A Spring 

2nd Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan Interview 

Joe Rogan on Working Out

May 25, 2017

Metaprogramming Technique: What does it mean to be an Alpha?

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The first time I met Zerin, it was at Aubrey Marcus's Go For Your Win graduation. We weren't able to talk but we made eye-contact, and i'll never forget it; I got the genuine sense that this dude "got it." It is hard to articulate, but the podcast proved my intuition. I don't think Zerin realized it, but his cadence and tone from the beginning of the podcast slowed my caffeinated mind down, and we got deep and genuine right away.

We get into the psychology of confidence, his personal myth, the power of coaches in our early lives, how podcasts deepen conversations, the exponential power of authenticness, intuition vs rationality, how I got into studying habits, Zerin's ideal habits, the philosophy of pragmatism, dealing with the Shadow, our ideas on "Alpha," and what his business, Xpand Yourself.

Zerin, fucking thank you for coming on. Your genuineness shone through like a gawwwddamn supernova. I resonate with your mission and your business, and I look forward to seeing it Xpand (you see what I did there haha.) Love you brother. Slay Dragons. Namasteezy.

Show Notes 

Expand Yourself Website

The Power of Habit 

The Metaphysical Club 

Pragmatism: A Reader

May 22, 2017

Metaprogramming Technique: Text or call or write someone you’re grateful to

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Rachel is one of the most interesting people I know. She is one of the most intensely-hippie hippies I know, yet she’s a fucking attonery. I loved this podcast because she is one of the only guests who challenge me on my ideas. I don’t get that enough and her passion, open-mindedness, and sharp intellect made this an unique and enjoyable linguistic incursion.

We get right into nature vs nurture, addiction, how the little things you do can change someone’s life, the evolutionary meaning of the Medusa Myth, how we can change the world, what her dream job is, the two sides of manipulation, why I don’t watch the news/television, a really useful memory technique, her routines (or anti-routines),

Rachel, thank you for challenging my ideas and bringing your perspective. I love how different we are yet we’re able to have a meaningful conversation. Thank you for your time, honesty, and communicating with one of these weird humanoids. Looking forward to you reinvigorating your alt-instagram account. Namasteezy.

Show Notes

The Giving Tree



Moonwalking with Einstein

May 17, 2017

Metaprogramming Technique: MDMA and Expressive Writing/Talking

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Paige has been my Psychedelic Therapy Enthusiast friend for years. We’ve been interested in helping people with these medicines since for almost a decade now, and it is fucking beautiful to see how popular this idea is becoming. On this podcast, we geek out over the latest Psychedelic Medicine research that was presented at MAPS Psychedelic Conference 2017. We focus on MDMA, Psilocybin, and LSD.

We go over what she learned at the MAPS Psychedelic Conference 2017. FIrst we explore the latest research on MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, and microdosing.

Paige, thank you for being my extroverted partner in exploring, researching, and advocating psychedelic therapy. Your sincerity and humility made this podcast a fucking treat, and the NOTES! Thank you for helping even a few more people understand the benefit of responsibly using psychedelics.

Show Notes 


MDMA starts at the 8 minute mark 

Michael Mithoefer MDMA Lecture
Ecstasy Testing Website I mentioned
Acid Test
Kevin Francioppi Lecture (MDMA and Schizophrenia) 

Psilocybin starts at the 28 minute mark 

Matthew Johnson Lecture on Psilocybin
A New Understanding Documentary 

LSD starts at 1 hour and 3 minute mark 

David Nichols LSD Lecture
Selen Atasoy LSD Lecture

Micro-dosing starts at 1 hour 41 minute mark 

James Fadiman’s Micro-dosing Lecture 

May 15, 2017

Josh inspires me. He is young, sincere, and fucking ambitious. You can feel is passion and his sincerity during our talk. We spoke a few days after he did a few ayahuasca ceremonies and his King archetype was churning.

We talk about getting too esoteric, using pragmatism and exercise to get grounded again, psychedelic integration, how the inner judge is an evolutionary adaptation, his recent ayahuasca experience, and his core habits that ensure a good day.

Josh, thank you for coming on. Your vision and passion made for a fucking awesome podcast and I look forward to seeing your podcast grow. I've got a great feeling you're going to be doing big things. Namasteezy brother.

May 11, 2017

Listen to Adi talk for a minute and you'll sense how genuine and present this guy is. The moment we connected he felt like a brother. He's a practicing Zen student, who also spends everyday trying to improve the health of children. This was one of my favorite podcasts.

We get into his path to becoming a dentist, Zen Meditation, finding mindfulness in repetitive tasks, the power of habits, how goals calibrate your nervous system, his top dental advice, and both our conceptions of religion.

Adi, thank you for your infectious laughter and your presence-ness. I'm grateful we've connected through Aubrey's course and I see this being a lifelong friendship. I'm looking forward to seeing what you manifest.

May 8, 2017

Brett is an Audio Engineer. I've known him for a few years and he has grown a lot in that time span. He is one of the most humble talented people I know. You wouldn't discern from his tone and demeanor that the guy can create phonic symphonies  by himself.

Brett got me riled up in a productive way. We get into the importance of finding your craft, an alternative perspective on myths, goal setting, his journey to creating his album, and the Mandela Effect.

Brett I want to thank you for your courage and honesty when you frankly admitted to having clinical depression. I think a lot of people feel ashamed of any mental disorder they're diagnosed with, and I think your story is going to help at least a few listeners dance with depression.

May 2, 2017

Sama has this air about him where you can tell he is really listening, and it made me babble about myself more than usual. He is one of the most sincere humans I've met. You'll feel it.

We get deep into movies and myths quickly. We touch on how reality can feel like an illusion, the need for modern initiation rituals, our take on ritual magic, how to be heroic, and how we both deal with writer's block.

Sama, thank you for your presence. You drew out some nuggets in this podcast. Thank you for your cooking and your poetry. I appreciate how dedicated you are to helping others connect with their inner worth. I love you brother. Keep writing.